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Italian Interior Design Bedroom

Antique pieces are always valued in the Italian interior decoration and this does not conflict with the modern designs. With regard to the beds, it is still possible to find antique headboards, generally dating from the 1800s. These pieces are usually made of oak or mahogany, and should be placed in the spacious rooms with high ceilings. It is also possible to find antique copper or iron beds, dating from about the same period.

Famous Italian bed designers:

• Cardini Home Design: It offers beds and bedroom furniture that has a linear and comfortable design rich of natural colors and fabrics on it.

• Bontempi: This company has created a line called Shanti which specializes in austere and linear designs in restful colors.

• DOC: also offers linear bedroom furniture, ranging from beds and chests, and relying on natural tones of brown, beige, cream and white.

• Maggioni: It offers oriental and traditional designs for bedroom and furniture products made completely of wood.

• Cosatto and Ciacci: Two companies which have a large range of affordable iron beds that meet many decorating needs.

• Tomasella: An Italian furniture brand that offers Italian bedroom designs as well as furniture, both classic and modern styles.

• Tumidei: Produce kids bedrooms ideas with shades of minimalist design and a natural feel. It is perfect for your child.

Types of bedroom design styles:

• Contemporary bedroom design is all about the balance between harmony, texture and beauty while designing.

• Minimalist bedroom style: essentials in decor to just basic elements of maximizing comfort.

• Tropical & Asian: a combination of flamboyance and Minimalist with colorful and simple designs.

• Mediterranean: a bedroom style is famous for luxury and classic, indigenous and elegant with classic and traditional touches.