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Tips for Italian Kitchen Design and Decor

Comfortable, modernistic and stylish are the best words to describe an Italian kitchen. Italian kitchen decor will make your family members spend maximum time in your kitchen.

There are two types of Italian kitchen, the ancient style and modern style. If you want to grant your home fashionable and modern look, opt for modern style while conventional form adds simplicity, love and warmth to the kitchen.

Do you know why Tuscan style Italian kitchen decor is the best? Simply, it shows the warmth of earth tones and uses all-natural materials such as granite, stone, terracotta and slate. Before selecting Italian kitchen decor, there are some considerations:

Firstly, you should consider the color scheme, it’s better for you to opt for colors such as earth, gold and ocean based tones. To promote modern look to your Italian themed kitchen, install the lighting that has a matte metal finish.

Keep in mind that the earth tone is the best choice for an Italian kitchen. Generally, natural tones are ideal in Italian style such as the gold of sand, ripe pears or the blue of the Mediterranean. Try to achieve this sentence “more green more Italian”, so try to place a lot of pots with herbs on your countertop.

A vintage wooden table is required to enhance the overall look of your Italian kitchen. Adding chunky metal hardware to cabinets or punctuate the wall with wrought are great ideas to create an Italian style. You can bring nature to your kitchen by showing fresh produce in bowls. For a comfortable Italian kitchen, add a small sofa behind your dining table.

When it comes to choosing light for your Italian kitchen, try to avoid the lights with shiny look, and better option is to choose the ones with muted metal finish. Finally, hardwood floor and a brass chandelier are ideal for an Italian kitchen.

You can get inspiration from the following pictures about essential tips for Italian kitchen design and decor.