Italian Living Room Designs

The Italian design will keep your living room relaxing, elegant, and charming. This room is traditionally known by its high ceiling and clean formal look. You can combine some elements from the modern and traditional Italian styles with your personal preferences and imagination to come up with an ultimate functional and decorative room.

To design a successful Italian living room, try to mimic the environment of the Italian landscape using natural colors such as green, deep orange, red, and brown. You can paint your Italian living room the shades of gold and yellow colors to add a friendly feel to your room. If you like to brighten your room a little bit, you may add white or orange boarders near the ceiling. You can apply a stucco texture or a layer of stone or brick to one wall to illustrate your focal point.

Your Italian living room furniture should be simple and ornamented at the same time. Such furniture has simple frames and vivid printed upholsters. For example, the Italian sofa may have simple frame and neutral colors along with two chairs with vivid printed or smooth leather upholsters. Such a sofa can be decorated by textured fabric pillows. The floor can be decorated by a rug made of natural fabrics such as jute or wool.

Decorating your Italian living room can take many shapes and reflect different moods. You can use traditional Italian candle holders, candelabras, lamp bases, and wrought iron art works to reflect the charming look of the traditional style. You have the choice to place a vase or more made of terra cotta with matching tiles on the floor and walls to give the room a unified look. It will be a nice idea if you can add your collection of antique frames and artworks with modern accessories. You can decorate your mirrors and chandeliers with iron or metal works. The drapes are not important in this room. Instead, you can install metal curtain poles or wooden window screen to filter the sun rays coming to the room.

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