Italian Traditional Purple Kitchen Designs

The traditional Italian kitchen is characterized by its simplicity and charm. Such charm could be found in its unique and popular food, herbs, and old antiques. To create a traditional Italian purple kitchen, you will choose extremely practical elements in your design and decoration.

The Italian traditional kitchens are always used for the big families and delicious food such as spaghetti and pizza. So, you will need to reflect their obsession with their national food in your design. An option is to choose a design using some shapes of tomato and onion with a purple painting to be able to use the red color as much as you can. A grape wall paper used as a border with purple painting and framed wall art along with wrought iron candle holder and wall sconces will gather all of the charming elements of the traditional Italian kitchen.

The curved island is one of the important features in the Italian kitchen. You can install a bar stool with high back beside the kitchen’s island for your children or friends to see you cooking for them. Your traditional Italian kitchen will need natural furniture items. You can use heavy wooden butcher’s block and honey-toned or white cabinet to suit your purple kitchen. Hard wood and stone will be suitable for your floor and the limestone, granite, marble, and slate would be suitable choices for a durable and natural countertop.

To decorate the Italian traditional purple kitchen, you may use a glass divider between the kitchen and your outdoor garden planted by Italian herbs such as basil, parsley, oregano, rosemary, fennel, sage, and garlic. It would be nice too if you could place your food on the countertop such as a rope of garlic, decanter of olive oil, or some beautiful spaghetti along with some stainless steel appliances and pots hanged on the wall.

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