Japanese Bathroom Designs

The Japanese bathroom is always small, compact, flexible, and extremely fashionable. Its design is very simple and uncluttered to let you get a spiritual comfort while you are taking your bath. You can add your personal touch to this design to enjoy spending part of your precious time to relief your body and soul.

The shower area is the most important part in the Japanese bathroom. You can install a steam shower to apply the Japanesetechnique to relief themselves. They think that the hot water and steam can penetrate inside their bodies to help them get rid of the burdens of life and to give them some peace away from the increasing rhythm of life. You can replace the shower head by pails or sit on a stool and use a handheld shower.

The Japanese bathtub can be made of stainless steel or acrylic glass. It is smaller and deeper than the ordinary tubs with square and boxy sides.It has a recirculation system to reheat the water to be used for cleaning tasks. You can install small faucets above your bathtub. You can help yourself forget the worries of life by installing an LCD display screen facing your bathtub. The Japanese toilet is installed in the corner and made of ceramic.

Away from the functional areas, your Japanese bathroom should be marvelous and spacious; yet simple. You can install stainless steel or wood floor tiles according to the style of your bathroom. On the wall, try to install light square or straight patterned tiles to let your bathroom look larger and taller. Your sink may be under mount, vessel, or infinity with task lighting above the sink as well as the functional areas in your Japanese bathroom. The Japanese shelves can replace the cabinet to store the regularly used towels and garments. Yet, you can install your favorite accessories sparingly to keep your bathroom simple and minimal.

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