Japanese Dining Room Decoration

For a change: try the Japanese dining room decoration, Chances are you already feel like you have ran out of ideas for a new and modified dining room. After so many dining room minor renovations, it is likely to feel like there is not much to do. However, there is always something new to do in your dining room decoration. For instance, you can go eastern! The wonderful thing about eastern decorations is the warmth and cosiness they bring to any given set. Let’s not just go east, let’s head to the far east for Japan. Have you ever tried involving Japanese basic elements in your decorations? You really should try as it will bring vibrance and simplicity to your house.

To embrace the true spirituality of a Japanese culture, lock it down and spread it in a well organised dining room, you will have to embrace the humbleness of the Japanese culture. Traditionally, you will have a low table with a pillow to sit on as far as a dining table can go. However, you can still apply the simplicity and humbleness of the culture to a modern dining table with clean linesand simple designs. So the dining table choices can be a low traditional and cosy kotatsu or may be a more evolved Hibachi.

Normally a Japanese inspired piece of furniture will be made of teak with lacquer finish and clean lined glass. The Japanese palette of colours have five main standing points; black, red, cream, white and gold. An addition of a shoji screen will be of perfect and natural order as it is Japanese in origin and was typically made of rice paper. So, you can have black furniture and red walls with golden Japanese characters on them to give you the right atmosphere. A true Japanese dining room you are looking for and a true Japanese dining room you shall get!


Pics Via : josemarcio