Japanese Interior Design – Stick, Furniture and Accessorize

Tranquility and peace of mind are two qualities that are required of homes to provide. Japanese interior design is capable of providing these qualities and more to any home. The secret behind the serenity of Japanese interior design lies in using Zen way of life to create a clutter lacking atmosphere that is good for relaxing and increasing productivity at the same time. In order to achieve the best of Japanese interior design, follow the following guidelines:

Stick to the Essentials

As mentioned earlier, Japanese interior design is marked by losing clutter and observing simplicity. For instance, use a single color to paint the home walls, let that be white or beige to reserve tranquility. As for the flooring, tatami mats are common sights in Japanese interior design. If you are aware of modern minimalistic design, you can use some of its elements to apply Japanese interior design. However, Japanese style sticks to natural materials such as stone, wood and cotton, and doesn’t use plastics as modern style.

Use Japanese Furniture

Ordinary furniture seen in all interior designs is also seen in Japanese furniture but with a unique flair. In the living room, you can place a kotatsu table which is a low dark rectangular table with or without a heater in the middle. As for the bedroom, you can use futons that included a mattress and are covered with a kake-buton. Low platform beds are also acceptable in Japanese interior design. Other additions in different in different rooms following Japanese interior design are Goza mats, straw mats that sometimes have designed woven borders. Goza mats function as sleeping, sitting or pathway mats.


In the view of the fact that Japanese interior design takes a simple direction, it can seem plain and boring if not supported by accessories and accent pieces. There are many Japanese antiques to choose from to accentuate the look of your interior design. For instances, you can use blue and green vases and a lacquer armoire to decorate the interior. Shoji screens are also beautiful Japanese additions that can be very useful as room dividers.

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