Japanese Shoji Divider and Noren Curtains

If you are looking for a brand new way of complementing your house decoration, then curtains is a good idea to start. Curtains or room dividers are a great complementary decorating items which gives you a chance to accent your taste and show your uniqueness. Speaking of uniqueness, Japan is one major culture that contributes a huge mass of innovation when it comes to decoration in genral and curtains and room dividers in particular. The interesting thing about the Japanese culture all in all is that every gesture has a meaning and in decoration specifically every stain of colour and every thread always mean something.

One of the most trendy room dividers of all is the Shoji room divider. It is trendy to the point that it is now even used in non japanese decorations. They come in various colours, designs and shapes and this made them flexible enough to join any setting. As a matter of fact doors have been manufactured as an inspiration of the Shoji room divider style. Another exquisite decorating item that is japanese and at the same time is Zen- inspired is the Noren fabric divider which proved to have uniqueness spirituality and elegamce in it.

Noren fabric dividers are put in doorways to separate rooms as they have vertical slits that allow free passage between rooms. They can also be put on walls or window frames as they are highly artistic and colourful. The Noren dividers come in many colours and sizes, you can have them the way you want them. The most popular designs of the Noren curtains include Carb, Cloud, Bamboo, Great wave and others. They are made from cotton canvas and cotton and rayon blend which make them durable and strong. They also offer you protection against the sun, wind and dust.

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