Key Kitchen Renovating Tips for DIY Lovers by Modiani Kitchens

Updating the face or essence of your kitchen isn’t a simple project; thus, you should plan for every step before you begin the actual work. One of the most effective decisions is to define if you will hire a professional or do the work yourself. If you are sure about your personal skills, the following tips inspired from the projects of Modiani Kitchens team will help you take the right decisions.

If your kitchen renovation is a result of an architectural addition to the place, you should modify the complete shape and design of the existing components. Just measure the existing area and choose a professional kitchen shape such as U, L, galley, single galley, or triangle or even customize a highly functional shape according to your needs and lifestyle.

When you measure the space, don’t forget to keep the sink and cooktop accessible from different locations, to make the kitchen’s door a suitable access for your appliances and cabinets, and make the most use of window location.

If you already have kids, you will- certainly- highlight the safety features of your kitchen customizing a remote space to store the toxic chemicals and cleaning solutions and a well-closed space for knives and sharp instruments and taking into account your accessibility. In your small kitchen, the team members of Modiani Kitchens recommend the deep countertops and cabinets, well-organized storage spaces, smart lighting, and stainless appliances.

In case you will remodel the look of your kitchen, you will need creative ideas more than professional tips. For example, you can add a Zen feel to the place using sleek closed cabinets to hide clutter and a combination of off-white and black colors like such a Tenafly Zen kitchen designed by Modiani Kitchens team members.