Kitchen Color Design – Color Scheme

One of the main elements of design is color. Opting for a certain color scheme will create a certain mood, highlight the focal point, and give your kitchen a unique depth and illusion of large or small space. You should decide the color of your kitchen before you purchase your appliances or fixtures to choose them according to the color of the kitchen.

There are some rules to help you choose your kitchen colors in the right way. If you want to choose one color for your kitchen to create a clean and sleek look, you can choose one of the monochromatic colors. You can accentuate the place with another color or choose different shades of one color, such as the peach color. The most adventurous way of color design is to use the analogous scheme which utilizes three color hues that are different but matched in a strange way. Take into consideration that the main color in your kitchen should control at least 60% represented in the colors of the wall and main appliances. The floor and rugs will get secondary colors that will dominate 30% of the colors of the place. The remaining 10% of the colors will be divided on the accents and accessories.

Try to choose the colors of your kitchen wisely according to the mood you need. The hot colors will activate your blood circulation properly, to increase your appetite for food. The soft colors will increase your happiness, and the earth tones will help you feel calm and tranquil. The natural colors such as cream, grey, and tan will create a calming classic look into your kitchen. You can arrange the colors yourself or use the new computer generated technique to match the colors of your kitchen. If you want a vivid and spacious look, you can use the bright colors. The dramatic look can be resulted from the contrasted colors of the complementary color scheme.

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