Innovative Kitchen Gadgets to Create Amusing Look and Function

Having a modern or even a traditional kitchen means that you need to incorporated new gadgets and functional accessories to remodel the look and increase the function of the place without cluttering it. You will find new items in the specialized stores regularly; yet, you will find in this article a few designs to inspire you with the perfect gadget you can choose.

The portable toaster is a functional and amusing gadget that looks like a slightly larger spoon and can perfectly crisp your piece of toast in a few seconds. It can be easily stored in a drawer with the knives and small utensils. The spinning spaghetti fork can be used when you cook and eat spaghetti as it spin automatically according to the length of your pasta.

You can purchase a double sided spreader to spread the sweet food on the toast piece using one side and the salt food with the other. The spreader comes with different colors to let you differentiate between the two sides.

You can add an amusing look to your kitchen using a D-cell battery salt and pepper shakers. They come in turquoise, red, and black colors to give your countertop an amusing and unique look. The rice cooker will be an appealing accessory on your countertop and can cook your rice quickly and perfectly. All of what you need to do is to adjust the temperature and timer from the control board and the cooker will do the rest.

The spice leaf book can replace your spice rack containers or store your extra spice using parts of that durable book. The salad plant flower pot is another amusing kitchen gadget that can serve as a salad dish and a vase with its artificial plants, the spoons, at the middle of your dining table.