The Kitchen Golden Triangle Design

The golden triangle kitchen design is to group three key functional sections in a triangle line. This design can be applied successfully in your home and commercial kitchens to help you move easier and cook faster. This article will show you how to apply this design in your home kitchen or restaurant.

The golden triangle design doesn’t mean that your kitchen should necessarily have a triangle shape; your kitchen may be square or rectangular. In reality, the triangle is the line that can be drawn in the uninterrupted traffic among the three working areas.

The tree working areas differ from a kitchen to another according to the kind of food cooked in the kitchen; but the general rule is to group everything you need to be able to achieve a specific task in one place without moving here and there. These sections may be the storage space -including the refrigerator and cabinets, the cleaning area – represented in the sink, the cooking area-that includes your oven, apron, hob, and microwave, the food preparation area- such as the kitchen island and countertops, and the serving center.

The right design of this kitchen is to place the biggest item in the anchor of the triangle. The distance among these areas shouldn’t exceed three meters without interruptions in your way to minimize your steps from an area to the other. This design will create a friendly working environment in your commercial kitchen that has one or two employees and will increase their productivity during the peak hours because everything they will need will be accessible.

Nowadays, most kitchens have two kitchen triangles to let your husband or your friends help you preparing food because the rhythm of life is accelerating every day and there is not enough time to stand in your kitchen and cook alone.

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