Kitchen Integrated In Living

If your kitchen and your living room combined into one long room, then you need to read this article in order to learn how to decorate your long combined living room and kitchen in ways that enhance the looks and differentiate one room from the other without making harsh changes.

Paint your kitchen in one color and your living room in another but choose colors that look beautiful together. Try to keep your living room and kitchen as neutral as possible, paint them with lighter, more vibrant colors.

Try to place a carpet in your living room and place tile or linoleum in the kitchen part of the room. To enhance the overall look of both sections, then you have to opt for kitchen appliances that blend with your living room furniture style.

If you are looking for a pretty decorative piece that separates your living room and kitchen while serving a real purpose, then you should place a bar right down the center of the two rooms.

The great idea to separate your kitchen from the living room is to buy a rectangular kitchen table and place it in the middle of the kitchen/living-room space, near the food preparation area. Surround chairs around it, except on one of the long sides, the side which faces away from the cooking area.

Another good idea is to place a mini-bar in between your kitchen space and the living room space. For an elegant look to your living room and kitchen, remove all items that you don’t use and arrange the furniture of your living room in such a way that people can walk around freely. To add a touch of charming, then you need to create a focal point in your living room. A small coffee table can be focal point.

Have a glance at the images beneath to get more ideas about kitchen integrated in living.

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