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Kitchen Theme! Smart tricks

Bored of your kitchen? ! Smart tricks to refresh and restart Since you are the queen of your kitchen, then who is better than you to know what it need? From time to time, you might get bored with your kitchen as you tend to spend long hours in it. This boredom can be driven away with freshening up your kitchen, so how to freshen a kitchen up? Freshening uo a kitchen is a sort of a smart minimised renovation, you are not redecorating your kitchen. What you are actually doing is picking a lovely theme to your heart which makes you serene and active and buying certain matching utensils to reflect that theme.

All this is to make a visual manipulation to your mind to see your kitchen as a new one which will consequently drive any boredom away. If your kitchen is a small one, take care to use one dark colour with one vibrant colour and two different shades of a neutral colour. The idea here is to lighten the kitchen as dark colours tend to give the feeling of limitation as opposed to light colours which give a sense of spaciousness. So making a balanced proportion in colours is our goal here, and the use of vibrant colours is to draw the eyes away from the concept of space and to keep things fresh and interesting.

Achieving a theme in decoration, especially in kitchens, is easy once you decide the pieces you want to accent in order to reflect the new theme. For instance, you might want to renew your cutlery set, salt and pepper shakers, along with the cutting boards and kitchen towels to reflect a marine theme. In this case a use of dark blue, white blue, yellow and white will be the perfect combination ever made. And since these particular pieces are always handy and easy to spot in the kitchen, you would have already successfully achieved the theme if you combined them with blue paint.

Pics Via : decoist

Pics Via : kitchenworldexeter