Kitchen Wall Decorating Ideas

In a house, kitchen is a place where the rhythm of the day begins, where we nourish our bodies and feed our soul. Therefore, there can be no other place in a house that is as important as the kitchen. When it comes to decorating your kitchen wall, nothing can beat using the addition of a wall mural accent to your eating space.

To bring the elegance and charm to your kitchen, you should hang a beautiful clock on your kitchen wall. Keep in mind that clocks in the kitchen should always be placed on the south or the southwest walls. Hanging images of flowers, fruits or animals on your kitchen walls would absolutely transport you to the wilderness world.

Mirrors have amazing impact so try to use large mirror with a gilded frame as it can look fabulous in a stark white kitchen. To catch the eyes, you need to create a focal point in your living room; hence metal wall art can make an amazing focal point.

To make your kitchen catchier, then the best way is placing wall planters around windows and doors and they can be filled with ivy or silk flowers. To give the appearance of an arched doorway, you should hang a half-moon shaped wrought iron accent directly above your kitchen door.

If you want to paint your kitchen walls, opt for colors such as red and orange as these colors can speed up your metabolism and make you hungry. Likewise, to grant your kitchen a feeling of warmth and comfort, use dark colors. Keep in mind, vintage silverware can make amazing wall decor so group them in pairs or in different sizes and hang on your wall.

Decoration definitely needs inspiration and you can get some by eyeing the next pictures about amazing kitchen wall decorating ideas.

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