The Latest Traditional and Contemporary Living Space Designs and Colors by Ami Designs Team

In the recent years, the traditional, contemporary, and even transitional styles become popular options that will provide any home a warm feel. In your small or large living room, the design and color will reflect your personality and provide your family members warm times together; so, try to choose what will fit your lifestyle perfectly.

The contemporary living spaces usually include simple, yet innovative designs with neutral colors. If you will design such a room, try to make use of the experiences of popular designers such as Carmela Acerra Posillico, the founder of Ami Designs team. Carmela uses natural materials such as wood furniture and floor and leather sofas. Instead of using too much lighting fixtures, Carmela designs floor-to-ceiling windows to highlight the importance of the natural light in the place.

However, she uses warm artificial lights to highlight the focal points and ceiling.
The transitional living spaces designed by Ami Design team members combine the clean lines and simple accessories with the rich colors and natural stones and combine these elements with a patterned area rug. In another transitional living space, the designers use creamy wall color, light colored wood floor, a bit of trim details, a mixture of modern and traditional fabrics for the seating furniture, a luxurious candelabrum, and a traditional wooden bookcase. The team combines these elements with natural plants and throw pillows.

The traditional living room reflects your artistic talents and your stylish character. Ami Design team members are able to create this look in a room with simple architectural designs using different shades of luxurious brown through the walls, furniture, and curtains.

The green plants, white framed pictures, and patterned throw pillows provide the room a unique personality. Beside the seating area, this multifunctional room can accommodate an entertainment center, a reading nook, a bookcase, and plenty of storage spaces. If you are from New York, you can contact Ami Design team and make use of their timeless interior design services.