Latest Trends in Bathroom Design Styles

Unlike bedrooms, your bathroom should encompass a mix of all your family members’ preferences and needs. It has to be designed to cater to the requirements of all ages in the house – starting from children to any handicapped or aged members. If you’re perplexed by the endless styles available, then the following list of all the bros and cons of top styles will definitely help you.

The Timeless Minimalism: It’s a perfect choice if you have small budget as all your minimalist bathroom needs is the important components including the sink, shower, and toilet. It’s the simplest of all styles and it offers a sense of space that has no parallel. It’s defined by natural tiles including sandstone, polished granite, marble, or wood-look stone tiles. You can make your bathroom look even larger by using wall mirror and long vertical lines which generate a visual depth.

Vintage and Retro Beauty: That style has outlived all passing trends for a reason. It could add a matchless sumptuous luxury to your bathroom with its big gold taps, checkered floor, and free-standing roll top baths. The materials of tiles vary between natural sandstone, porcelain, and ceramic which are incredibly durable and functional.

Environment-Friendly Style: One of the latest trends is the eco-friendly style which involves using a minimum amount of electricity which benefits customers as well as their environment. It’s also characterized by recycled-content tiles, natural stone or marble, Vessel sinks in ceramic or glass, fresh indoor plants and other natural products.

Contemporary Bathrooms: If you choose contemporary style in your bathroom, you’d be guaranteed both functionality and gracefulness. Although it’s not as cheap as some modern types, it’s also not expensive. One thing that defines a contemporary style is exhibiting the most aesthetic elements in your bathroom and storing away what is merely practical. Go for a floating sink and toilet and avoid traditional plinths and cisterns. You could create a breathtaking atmosphere by using metallic tiles on the floor with complementary colors on walls and backsplashes.