Learn How to Choose Wallpaper With These 4 Wonderful Tips

Many people choose wallpaper over paint for covering their walls. The reasons are obvious. Wallpapers are easy to use and they have different gorgeous patterns both elaborate and simple. However, the results of choosing the wrong wallpaper design are just as bad as that of choosing the wrong paint. Read in this article how to choose the right wallpaper.

1- Instead of buying the usual print-on wallpapers, get paper-backed vinyl wallpapers. They are paper laminated on vinyl sheet. This makes them waterproof and greaseproof making them ideal for your kitchen and bathroom. They are also easy to use and quicker to install than tiles.

2- Another great type of wallpapers is fabric-backed vinyl. Instead of paper on vinyl sheet, these are made of fabric on vinyl sheet. Being made of fabric they are not easy to cut or tear unlike paper. You can use them for other rooms besides kitchens and bathrooms. They will also give you that great look fabric wallpapers give.

3- There is another great type of fabric wallpapers, which is flocked wallpapers. The fabric has a texture similar to fur. This raised surface gives the wallpaper a great look that makes any room cozier. Take into account that having a raised surface hides flaws in your walls that may appear with any other type of regular wallpaper. These wallpapers are a bit more expensive but they are certainly worth it.

4- There are other types of wallpapers like Mylar and foil ones. Like the name implies, they have a glossy sheen which helps in reflecting light. This is a needed asset in small spaces where you need many bright colors and reflective surfaces to make them look bigger. However, do not use this type of wallpapers unless you have fixed and treated every flaw and crack in your walls, because the glossy finish will make them visible. It is important to learn about the different types of wallpapers available so that you could choose something suitable for each area in your place.