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Lessons Learned from Various Kitchen Renovations

In kitchen remodeling, it has been acknowledged that if you compromise modern functionality for traditional elegance, or vice versa for that matter, you might eventually be disappointed with the whole renovation. For a kitchen to be unique and offer a true delight for its visitors, it has to combine class and fitness with simplicity and comfort. In order to do so successfully, here are some guidelines to keep you on the right track

Before beginning your kitchen renovation, you should plan the whole thing in advance; starting from the layout to the required appliances and cutlery. Note down the hardships you faced in your old kitchen and fashion your ever exhilarating thoughts into ideas.

As for the layout, try placing the oven, refrigerator, and sink in a work triangle of a maximum of 26 feet. The sink should be near the window which would offer you a natural light and proper drainage. Also if you have a relatively small kitchen, avoid using an island because it will take over a huge space and it will make your cooking hours really tiring and annoying.

Colors of your kitchen have a great impact on its appearance. Light colors are evidently recommended as darker shades will close up the space. You can then accentuate the ambiance with your favorite bright shades to get a cheerful feel. For an even more refreshing atmosphere, adorn the window with some small indoor plants.

Utilize storage spaces to their full potential. For instance, aside from convenient cabinets near the oven and stovetop and above your sink, consider fitting storage devices in your blind corners like a Lazy Suzan or a caddie. Also, spice racks add an immense functionality and aesthetic appeal to your countertops.

Although dark counters look more luxurious, they are more likely to get stained and soap residue is so hard to clean when stiffened. Proper ventilation will prevent any mold accumulation and lessen odors and excess heat. Also, don’t forget to enliven the place with colorful window curtains and slip covers, especially in holidays and summertime. Good luck with your remodeling journey!
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