Lighting your living room

The way of lighting your living room in itself is an art. You need to select the different types of lighting carefully because of the importance of the room itself. Living room is the place where you and your family spend most of the day watching TV, reading, playing video games, spending an interesting time with your guests, or even taking some rest.

Lighting your living room can deeply affect your mood when taking some rest or doing your affairs in the living room. So, try to be systematic in lighting your living room. To install new lamps, take the right measurements to insure that its high is enough to avoid the door swing and the tall people. Try to use the natural light as much as possible. The position of the window, doorway, and skylights could determine the amount of sunlight coming to your living room.

Overhead lamps are essential to give a general light to your living room. The most efficient kind of lamps to illuminate your living room is the recessed. It is needed to give a clear light and replace several over headed fixtures. Instead, you can arrange general lighting fixtures around the ceiling and another one at the center. Florescent and halogen also could offer wide variety of color choices. For few moments of relaxation, warm florescent may help.

To increase the light in your living room, you can provide extra lights like sconces or tracking light to task areas used for reading, studying, or playing video games. For additional down light, you can place series of floor lamps with lampshades point up to the ceiling with special outlets on the wall. This will make balance of illumination in the place.

The final touch in lighting your living room is to decorate your lamps. You may install wall washers to give the wall warm lights. Accent lights shed lights on plants and artworks. You could give a colorful look to the place simply by painting the lightning fixtures with a spray paint and adding some crystals to increase the light.

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