Living Room Design Ideas

Designing your living room deserves the money you will pay, because it is the most functional room that is used mostly by all of your family members. You will need to design this room carefully and change its decorations regularly to break the routine in your house. Here are some ideas that will help you design and decorate a beautiful and functional living room easily.

The colors of your living room will change according to the theme, style, and color of your room. For the modern living room, you can paint your room red color with white boarders and black pieces of furniture. You can design a chic room using the light and dark shades of gray with dark orange accessories and pillows. Another idea is to use light colors in an open air room with sparkling glass tables and accessories.

The style of your living room can change according to your taste. You may like the traditional living room with bamboo side chairs and silhouettes and unfinished picture wood frame with matching neutral colored lamp shades. The rustic living room with a small seating and rustic look fireplace and accessories will look great in your room.

The patterns used in your living room may help you decide the suitable theme for the room. The room with trellis, strips, and floral patterns in any color will give a whimsical look to your space. It will be a great idea to use two sofas with different shapes but with the same color facing each other. These sofas will be decorative and comfortable when they are made of leather with foam filling to let you sink in the sofa while you are sitting or even taking a short rest.

Your living room may have different designs that will increase the functionality of your room. If your living room usually includes different activities, you can place your sofas in the middle of your room with their backs to each other. For the formal guest, try to arrange your seating area in an oval shape with your TV in the corner to keep the flowing look of your room. You will need to use the fitted furniture or extended sofas for your limited space living room to save a considerable space into the room.

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