Living Room Interior Designs – Decorating Secrets

One of common mistakes made by homeowners is placing all of their emphasis on getting the best and most expensive furniture pieces in the market. The problem is, without following the decorating rules; even the most luxurious pieces wouldn’t look the way they envisioned. While hiring an expert to do this job would cost you a lot, you can perfectly do it yourself by following those tips;

To create the most captivating-relaxing atmosphere in your living room, it only needs a bit of patience and astuteness. Try knowing more about interior design by searching the internet or looking at interior design magazines and books; which contain endless amount of inspirational pictures of model home interiors.

After deciding on a specific style and theme, whether it was traditional, modern, futuristic, contemporary, transitional, or eclectic, you have two options. Either match all the accessories and furnishings with your main theme, or change the style of some accessories to give the room a mystifying updated feel.

For example, use modern drum shades if your living room was traditionally furnished or vintage cone ones if you picked the contemporary style. In fact, lighting fixtures, with their warmth and beauty, are one of the most essential additions to your room. You can use incandescent or fluorescent light bulb depending on your allotted budget for table lamps.

For a small room, it’s recommended that you opt for modern furnishings, since the pieces aren’t bulky or large which will make your room look smaller and will give the illusion of an even lower ceiling. Likewise, try avoiding warm or dark colors and seek out more neutral colors for a spacious feel.

Neutral wall colors will give you the freedom of replacing your old rugs, curtains and pillows without having to repaint the room, as it will blend well with all color palettes.

Area rugs are a key component in having well-organized living room. They will help you in tying the sofa set together beautifully. They also help in dividing your living room into two or three spaces, such as a fireplace nook, a reading section, and a TV set.

Finally, add your personal touch in the finishes, like placing some fresh indoor plants or hanging your favorite paintings on the wall. Although, try hanging them at eye level to be easily unified with the room furnishings.