A living room…or better…a luxurious living room!!

Having a living room is one thing and a luxurious living room is another. Living rooms with their formal use are to receive guests but in fact they are where families spend most of their time. It is their gathering place and where they relax, they can even have a better gathering and a more comfy time if it is well decorated. Luxury is not attached with spacing, you can have a small luxurious living room, however you know how it works, the bigger the better. Luxury is also not entirely about the money, it is also about the style you bring and the imagination you have.

Some ideas to have a perfectly luxurious living room start with sticking to a single design. One entirely wrong thing to do is hodgepodge your living room design or buy a very expensive thing that will not match your room. Stick to one design and work hard on it and for it. Put a design that will match the dimensions of your room, no room is good when stacked with stuff even if they are expensive and smashing. You put things in your room to be admired when seen so they must first be seen, allow them the space to be seen. Do not underestimate the power of small luxurious decorating items, a small vase or statue has a lot to say about your impeccable taste.

Accent pieces of furniture can help a lot in adding the luxurious air to your living room, accent pieces will provide you with the exquisite look you are looking for. An accent piece can be a chair, a painting, a small table or even a fire place decoration. A fire place is an all time original idea, it takes you back to one of those amazing palaces of some Victorian or Georgian era nobleman’s house, except for the fact that they are more environment friendly now. Options are numerous and they vary according to your budget, after all what is life without a little luxury!