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Living Room Ottoman – Beautiful Design Ideas

Ottomans have outgrown their roles as being just a rectangular or circular foot rest. Designers are coming up with endless ideas to meet customers’ needs and the result is a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and materials. It could be the most usable piece of furniture in your place, since it could function as a foot rest, a coffee table, a storage bin, or an extra seat, not to mention the elegant look it adds to any room. You can even convert the sectional sofa and ottoman into a comfortable sleepover bed.

If you struggle with space limitation in your house, go for storage ottomans for a clutter-free beautiful living room. It has sufficient space under its padded top to store remote controls, batteries, magazines, etc. And for a long-term storage, the Space-Saver Ottoman with compressible bags is your best solution. It has a storage volume of thrice its dimensions as it comes with vacuum air packs that suck the air out of the storage bags.

Not only does the space saver ottoman provide an extra space without compromising the eye-catching fashionable look, it’s also easily portable since it has a considerably lightweight. It can also fit in a travel baggage or be easily stored itself as you can disassemble and fold it when it’s not used.

One of the most known to be durable and gorgeous looking materials is leather. You can make a contrast between your sectional sofa and ottoman by using leather ottoman and fabric upholstery sofa, or vice versa. Since leather ottomans are designed with different colors, you could pick a brighter color such as red if you need a spacious feel. If you’re aiming for a more traditional look, then go for the brown one.

The legs of the ottomans can also enhance the style of your room. You can opt for ones with chromic or metal legs for a contemporary look, or with cherry wooden legs and frame for a luxurious traditional setting. One thing before purchasing your ottoman set is to look online. Check the bestsellers on Amazon and read the reviews of different brands. The bright side of shopping online is that you can always compare the prices of various types, choose whether you’ll go for new or used ottomans, and you can also have them shipped with a relatively low-cost.