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  • interior living room design ideas

    Small living Room Interior Design Ideas

    A small living room needs: more care to furnish it and small furniture to have a comfortable interior design. When you decorate a small living room remember these ideas: To reduce the problem of space, especially when there is a large gathering of guests, you can use a sofa cum bed that serves the two purposes, as a sofa and the other as a bed. If there is a less space, you can use folding furniture and furniture on wheels that can be withdrawn only when it is needed. To feel that the living room space is bigger, put your furniture away from the doors to help to attract the guests’ attention which makes the room look larger. A good…

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  • contemporary living room interior design ideas

    Contemporary Living Room Interior Design Ideas

    Your living room is more than just a common sitting place. In the contemporary world, different people have different requirements and this influences their ideas about how their living room interior design should be. Contemporary living room ideas help you to develop your expectations to make your own creative design as far as possible. Colors: To get better shades, you need to know the color tones and the basic principle of mixing them. Floor: Decide the kind of floor whether it be marble, tiles or wood. Make sure that your choice fits the all interior design ideas in your living room. Lights: The lighting effects can highlight or hide an object, change mood, and inspire vitality of the space. Here…

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  • Modern Living Room Interior Design Ideas

    Modern Living Room Interior Design Ideas

    The living room is the place where you basically entertain your guests, it’s where families gather/meet to end their day, relax at the weekend or watch television programs together. Modern interior decorating is characterized by simplicity, clean lines, bold colors and textures. When designing the living room, you should take into account the way you are most likely to spend your time in it. Fabulous design ideas Accent color: Choose a bold accent color, for example red, orange or brown. Make use of this color to shed light on many places in the living room. These include colors within cushions, vases, plates, etc. Furniture: Living room furniture should be made from superior quality materials and should be tested for the…

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  • Interior Paint Ideas for the Living Room

    Interior Paint Ideas for the Living Room

    The living room is a fantastic place to bring people together with your own personal style. Adding wall decor, furniture and furnishings depend mainly on the use of paint colors when renewing your home. • Start with walls colors: Selecting the color scheme of the living room is the base to select the rest of the colors. It helps you to get a rough idea of how the room will look like. This includes not only the choice of colors for the walls, but also for windows, doors, windows frames, ceiling, furniture and furnishings. While elements such as new furniture, curtains and other furnishings such as carpets, sofa covers and pillow covers will be added later. • Elegant neutral colors:…

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  • Green living room interior design

    Green living room interior design

    The use of green in decorating homes is common today. In fact, decorating a home in green is a signal of environmental awareness. Nature automatically enters the interior design, which focuses on the green. For most people, the green is ideal to use in decoration because it is natural and relaxing.  Tips on how to decorate your living room using green: • To create a friendly feeling, decorate the inside of your room by using the intense and brilliant shades of green. The use of bright green colors in the main places of the house has become old-fashioned. Modern interior design is now focusing more on the use of subtle and subdued shades of green. • Attempt to combine…

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  • interior design living room colors

    Interior Design Living Room Colors

    Choosing the design for your home definitely will make you aware that tastes have changed over the years, so it is important to modernize your apartment with the latest designs and colors that reflect your taste by looking through magazines of design and discussing ideas with other family members. Decorate your living room: We spend a lot of time adorning our living room with fine decorations to leave a good impression when guests visit us. While doing that try to make your living room comfortable, stylish and friendly as much as you can. Plan your design: Look at what you already have at hand. Consider both the effect you want to create and architectural elements of the living room. Make…

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  • Contemporary Living Room Interior Design

    Contemporary Living Room Interior Design

    Nowadays homes require contemporary furniture which gives a stylish look and with an appropriate price. It must be easy to maintain it to seem elegant, practical and clean. People use simple interior living room designs to get fresh inspiration for their homes. Contemporary decoration is very applicable in small houses and apartments. It is better to choose light and bright colors for the walls to make it seem a bit bigger. Neutral paint colors and textures for the living room are always calm and elegant. You can opt for paint colors that will highlight your living room color design. The modern living room design keeps the blending of earth with green elements. The green color gives a new sense of…

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