Interior Design 4

Living Rooms Wall Colors

The colors used in your living room will affect not only the mood of your family, but also that’s of your friends and guests. That’s why you should choose the colors that will give the required results exactly. There are many ways that will help you choose the needed color that will reflect whatever mood or idea you want.

It will be a great idea to choose the color of your living room according to the color of the biggest piece of furniture. The color wheel will help you decide the exact colors or shades you will need. Just try to compare the color of your furniture pieces to the different shades in the wheel to reach the exact color. If you need an easier way to achieve this task, you can use the virtual interior painting that will help you see how the color will look on your walls before you start the painting process.

You have the choice to paint your walls one color, monochromatic colors, complementary colors, or triadic colors according to your taste, in addition to your ability to combine or mix different colors together. However, you may consider the coming choices that will help you decide the right color for your living room walls.

Painting your living room warm and intimate colors such as red, brown, grey, dark green or maroon will be a practical choice. The neutral colors will work well with those who like to change the look of the room regularly, because these colors will work go with any furniture pieces giving the room an inviting look. Your contemporary-style living room will look marvelous with a dark grey tone with black accents giving the room a cool feel.

The bright colors such as ivory, cream, lemon yellow, peach, light orange and lilac with dark furniture will give the room a balanced look to satisfy the different tastes of your guests. To give the room a country or cottage looking, you can paint your walls a buttery yellow color with white accent. For a natural look, try to paint your room a natural earthy green color accentuated with fresh plants and flowers. You can paint the wall behind your big sofa a bold color to be the focal point.