Living/Dining Room Combo – Stylish Decorating Ideas

In order to decorate a multipurpose place, you should plan the whole thing in advance and make sure that the whole space would have a calm and cohesive look. It could be a little difficult though, since the color scheme, style, flooring, lighting fixtures, and materials should all flow from one area to the other artistically and in a balanced manner. Hopefully this article will help you out in making your living/dining room a piece of art.

Color Scheme:

Since it will be a relatively large room, you have a great opportunity to use rich and bold colors such as chocolate, emerald, burgundy, and olive. You can use them on walls, and in window treatments and upholstery; darker shades will virtually make your room more warm and welcoming.

Choose a main color for all the walls, and then pick out a secondary color and an accent color and distribute those two throughout the two spaces. For instance, you can use the secondary color in living room as an accent color in dining room, and then accentuate the living room with the secondary color in the dining room. That technique will tie the whole space together and leave you with a splendid look.


Varying the flooring within the room will help define each zone. However, choose flooring materials that are durable enough to withstand high traffic such as laminate, hardwood, and carpet.


Consider dividing the room to smaller zones by a judicious furniture arrangement. The dining area could be defined by its table, chairs, and china cabinet and then you can set it off with a complementing area rug. Similarly, place the living room with its sofa set, accent tables, and seats in the other side of the room. If there’s more available vacant space, consider an activity or toy corner or a reading nook as another zone within the room.

Lighting Fixtures:

Opt for chandeliers or pendant lights for your dining/living room since they are more adequate in larger areas than normal overhead lighting. Also, don’t forget installing task and accent lighting fixtures to enliven the atmosphere.

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