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The Long and Short of Decorating Your Room In Bohemian Style in 4 Steps

Bohemian decor is one type of decor that expresses your interests and views on life accurately. It is for those sophisticated people who have colorful characters and wide interest in different cultures and experiences. It is laid back, unusual and totally chick. Let us learn – in few simple steps – the art of bohemian decoration.

1- When it comes to bohemian decor, there are no right colors and wrong colors. However, the colors that are usually chosen by those who love this design are metallics (silver, bronze and gold) and earthy colors (terracotta, brown, beige). Then they are accentuated and brought to life with accents of orange, green, blue and purple in the form of wall art and ornaments.

2- when choosing your furniture materials, avoid things that look like they have been unwrapped recently. Do not choose something that looks like it has been dug out of someone’s attic either. Something in between would be nice. Lampshades and cushions should have fringe. Also the more natural fabrics and materials you have the better.

3- Like we have said, bohemian style is for those who love cultures. This mean the pieces of furniture you have should represent different eras. What really looks at home in a bohemian style room is vintage furniture. So rather than the lines and the shapes of the pieces, concentrate on the events and the history, and group them together to create a cultural panorama.

4- Now that we are done with the cultural-inspired furniture, let’s find cultural-inspired accessories. What you see most in bohemian style rooms is carved ornate boxes, gramophones or similar devices, china (obviously), chandeliers, and traditional wall art also has to be in a bohemian style room.

Bohemian decor is sought for much more than its looks. The experience and the feelings you get when looking and finding each piece in your bohemian room is even more entertaining than decorating the room with it.

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