If You Love the Inspiring White Modern Kitchens, Come Here

Imagine that you can have your breakfast every morning in an all-white kitchen with your family members. If you are excited about the idea, the following white kitchen ideas by I Love Kitchen team members will certainly inspire you.

The best way to transform your existing from a dark or light colored place to an inspiring white modern kitchen is to paint the existing cabinets and visible areas a water-and-heat resistant white color or use white solid wood front parts instead. You can hire a professional to apply a thin layer of rigid vinyl with a fixed texture to the apparent parts of your kitchen to provide the place a smooth surface. The simplest way to provide your existing kitchen a white finish is to use easy-to-apply spray with a glossy touch.

If you will design a new kitchen, you can find several white trendy and sturdy materials to provide your kitchen a sturdy and decorative look. For example, the white melamine is a perfect option to create a gleaming and laminated surface with fire resistance, heat tolerance, easy to clean, and water resistance features. Such cabinets can be made of particleboard laminated with a white polymer layer or even particleboard along with maple-structured melamine.

To complete the fascinating look of your white modern kitchen, you should choose high-end appliances and high-quality cabinets. Eileen Wu of I Love Kitchen team advice you to check the details of your cabinet construction including the back of the case, the glued, nailed, stapled, and screwed areas, and the cabinet hardware.

The natural quartz countertops are perfect options to match your glossy white modern kitchen as such a material is water resistant, twice as strong as granite, and heat and scratch resistant. To complete such a fancy look in your kitchen, you can use porcelain or laminate floor tiles along with LED lighting fixtures.