Lovely Window Treatments Ideas

Not everything in your home has to be shiny and new to make the space beautiful. Indeed, changing the window treatments is an inexpensive yet simple way to change the overall appearance of any room. Here we present you lovely window treatments ideas. Have a look!

First of all, before buying any new window treatment, consider the size of the window, you should take the right measurements of your window then take in account; the drape should be double the window width so that the window is covered completely.

Consider the shape of your window as bay window treatment ideas are different from that of square, round, rectangular, slim or small windows. Good to know that valances are ideal options for small windows.

To add a dash of vitality to any room, all that you need is to add contrasting borders having cool themes on the valance curtains. If you have a large window, then fabric window treatments are your choice. Use lighter fabrics for your bathroom and kitchen as they retain less moisture.

To give your window a unique look, pair cafe curtains that cover only the bottom half of a window with valances and use them as a treatment for your large window. The best drapes type for your kitchen large window is cotton drapes. Keep in mind; you can use custom-made curtains for odd-sized large windows.

If you are looking for an eco-friendly choice of window treatments, opt for window treatment blinds made of bamboo. It’s better for you to opt for vertical blinds as they are the best treatments for large windows.

If you are looking for decorative window treatments for large windows, then you can choose between curtains or drapes made in linen and silk, ruffled window curtains, sheer curtains or valances. Have a glance at the images beneath to get more ideas about lovely window treatments ideas.