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Luxurious Kitchen Designs – Countertop

Luxurious kitchens could be small or large, traditional or modern, and expensive or on budget. All what you need is some creative ideas and new designs. This article will give you some ideas for the basic kitchen furniture items that will be the base of your new luxurious kitchen.

The main idea for a luxurious kitchen is to opt for the high quality materials that have functional and aesthetic appeal. Then, you can define the main theme in your kitchen and choose the furniture that will complement this theme. For example, the luxurious classic kitchen will need a decorated pediment, below-wall cabinet treatment, cabinets with curved and decorated legs, ornaments, and corbels. To have a modern luxurious kitchen, you may consider some of the following options according to your taste and budget.

The solid wood cabinet is smooth and well-looking. It has no nails or glues because they are attached together using the cam lock system. It has custom wood finishes and back panels to suit the design of your kitchen. This cabinet will need an elegant sink such as the solid surface sink which is part and parcel of your countertop; so, it will need to match your countertop.

You may customize a solid surface sink with the color, shape, and size of your countertop. That’s because it may look like granite or marble. The solid surface sink can be easily repaired and cleaned using abrasive cleaner to remove any scratches. You may prefer the enameled covered cast-iron because it is heavy and resistant to stain and heat.

There are many luxurious kinds of countertops to choose from. The Luxor countertop is made of natural quartz and epoxy resin that is engineered to resemble the qualities of granite. It needs regular washing with warm soapy water to be clean and attractive. The stainless steel countertop doesn’t absorb food or bacteria and rust-resistant, so it is also a perfect choice for your kitchen. The acrylic and granite worktops will add unique charm to your kitchen.

Designing your luxurious kitchen will need a kitchen plinth to be a platform for your cabinet and drawers. It is usually made of solid oak in rich tones to give warmth to your kitchen. It could be used as a kitchen heater instead of the radiator or you can add LED lighting to the plinth to add luxurious to your kitchen.

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