Luxurious Multifunctional Beds for Modern Homes

Do you need an interesting and luxurious look into your modern living room? The best way to add this feel increasing the functionality of your bedroom is to install a multifunctional bed. Here are a few designs to the multifunctional beds that may blend with your bedroom design.

The leather ottoman TV bed is made of elegant leather studded with crystals to give your modern bedroom a stylish and luxurious look. The LCD TV is installed to the footboardto let you enjoy watching your favorite channels while resting in your own bed. You can even hide your TV inside the footboard when you need to create a relaxing and clean look in the room. The bed has a storage space under the mattress and within the side rails to store the remote control and bed accessories. You can find different colors and designs of such bed to go with your bedroom decor.

You will certainly sleep deeply in your domed headrest bed that comes on the shape of a cocoon with two sections to let you and your partner sleep away from the outer distraction. You can adjust the headrest to different positions to the extent that you can use the bed as a seating area while watching TV. The bed is a bacteria, moisture, and stain resistant as it is operated with nanotechnology.

The fold out ottoman bed will be the perfect choice to add a luxurious look to your small bedroom or guest room. The bed comes in the size of a twin bed and can be fold out into three to become an ottoman. You can purchase a slipcover with luxurious colors such as red, white, dark gold, and denim to fit your home decor. These multifunctional beds will certainly add a luxurious, inviting, and relaxing look to your bedroom.

Pics Via : thismyhome