Luxurious Tight Kitchen and Bathroom Design and Decor Ideas by the Adams

You may sacrifice one of the kitchen and bathroom services because you have limited areas in your home. However, you can inspire certain ideas from professional designers such as Melissa Adams to create custom full-service kitchen and bathroom and decorate them in a luxurious way.

The neutral colors with a touch of colorful mosaic tiles or natural stone will provide your bathroom a luxurious and spacious look. Melissa tries to make use of every inch in the bathroom walls creating a bathtub beside one wall, a vanity with plenty of mirrors beside the opposite one, and a glass shower cabin along with open shelves for the towels with a glass door in the third wall. The bathroom may seem clutter, but the glass walls and mirrors in addition to the white furniture provide the place a uniquely spacious look.

The whitewashed bathroom walls with zinc mosaic tiles on the walls and floor and around the mirror create a unique look in the tight bathroom of the traditional Westchester house. This bathroom is uniquely decorated with white framed pictures and functional stainless steel towel hacks.

Melissa uses a team with different specializes to provide her clients architectural designs, home planning, lighting and plumbing options, painting colors, furnishing, and decorative services in New York and Connecticut.

In the kitchens, Melissa Adams uses the same ideas to make the best use of the tight kitchens. In a traditional kitchen, she uses natural designed cabinets along the upper and lower sides of two walls along with closed shelves under the kitchen island. The pendant lights coming from the beamed ceiling along with the large windows and white island top and walls enhance the spacious look of the place. Melissa uses simple decorative elements in such a kitchen such as printed dishes and a natural printed framed picture displayed above the fireplace mantle.