Magical Kids Room with a Dinosaur Theme

The amusing idea about your kids’ bedroom is that you have a wide range of options to the theme and decorations of the room. Such themes can add a new life and feel to the place renewing the physical and mental energy of your kids. The dinosaur theme, for example, can stir the magical sense into their minds and let them spend amusing times in the room.

To apply the dinosaur theme in the whole room, you can begin by the wall decals or murals. If your kids are too young, the playful dinosaur wall murals with cartoon dinosaurs and plants will be a perfect option. However, if they are older, you can install 3D wall murals with realistic pictures of giant and smaller dinosaurs and plants. In all cases, you will need to take your kids’ opinion before installing the murals to make sure that they will like the idea.

Your kids’ beds can be the focal points of the room with their beddings and headboards. You can find dinosaur embroidery quilt, comforter set, sheets, and pillow covers with different colors including the light green, olive green, yellow, and brown. The matching window coverings will create unity in the room giving your kids a chance to compare the prints of the two parts of your curtain.

You can complete the theme with dinosaur accessories such as planters, table lamps, and nightlights. You can find such accessories with different funny colorsand magical designs to create an amazing look in the room.

If you can add a dinosaur book holder in a retro or modern style, it will replace the room’s accessories giving the place a functional and decorative look. You should use such accessories carefully to avoid cluttering the place keeping a considerable free space for them to play and enjoy their times into the room.

Pics Via : magic-mural-factory