4 Non-Magical Tricks That Will Make Your Place Look Bigger

With the speedy increase of population, the space set for apartments and houses are getting smaller and smaller every year. Small apartments are hard to organize – or even love – which tends to affect the spirits of people living there. So if we cannot teardown the walls of these apartments, we could at least offer some creative solutions to make them look bigger.

1- Use the qualities of glass to your advantages. Glass reflects light. Light is the most needed tool for making a place look bigger. So use glass ornaments or glass covered furniture to make your place look bigger. Glass cabinets, shelves, tables are all necessities if your goal is giving your rooms an ambiance of space.

2- People look for most obvious solutions for their space problem. Such solutions could be wrong. Instead of using small pieces of furniture that will make your place look like a cluttered doll house, use few large pieces of furniture that will make your place look large.

3- As for colors, use plains and neutrals not stripes or flowery. Having a flowery or multi-colored furniture or surfaces, means increasing the elements that your mind has to focus on. Remember that we are here trying to reduce clutter not create visual one.

4- Use gloss paints instead of matt ones. We are using the element of light to increase space. So using wall paints with high shine would help a lot. Gloss and semi-gloss paints will reflect light and make your place look bigger.

Not all of us can afford to have big houses with large rooms and decorate them whatever way we want. So we have to look for practical solutions that will help us solve the problem instead of avoiding it and growing tired with our small houses with each passing day.