Magical Ways to Decorate Your Home and Garden Using Mosaic Tiles

Decorating your home with mosaic patterns is an enjoying project you can do yourself or with the help of a professional. You can use such small colorful tiles to decorate unexpected objects around your home and garden and to create a magical look in the place.

The traditional location to use mosaic tiles is in your kitchen backsplashes, but you can use such tiles to create a magical look in different places inside your home. Your bathroom is an ideal place for the mosaic tile accents, as you can install suitable sized mosaic tiles to the bathtub surround, bathroom ceiling, or even walls. You can just accentuate the mirror frame or window frame using systematic patterns and colors of mosaic tiles. It will be a great idea to use mosaic tiles with certain shapes to decorate the upper half of your bathroom wall and set the theme of the place at the same time.

In the outdoor garden, you can add a magical look to your swimming pool, patio walls, and pathways using unique patterns of mosaic tiles. Just try to use your artistic talents to draw natural shapes on the walls to create a sense of harmony in your own garden. If you need to remodel the look of your outdoor concrete bench, it will be an impressive idea to draw similar natural shapes on most of its parts.

If you are on budget, yet need to create a magical look in your home, it will be an amazing idea to decorate small and effective items using colorful mosaic tiles. For example, you can decorate a flowerpot, a tabletop, a tray, picture frames, a soap dish, and a windowsill using unified color or two patterned colors of mosaic tiles. In all cases, make sure that your decorations will clearly express your personality.