The Main Features of Industrial Style in Your Home Interior Design

The industrial style is originally a combination of formal and traditional English and Japanese designs that depend on the aesthetic look of metal and artificial materials. Such a style can blend with your modern and traditional designs giving the place a special aesthetic look.

The artificial and rough industrial style utilizes certain materials in home construction such as metal, glass, concrete, and bricks. For example, you can design chrome surface stairs with metal banisters and copper columns and frames to be the first part your visitors see in your home.

The living room may include a combination of wooden and metallic tables and cast iron floor, if you intend to create a vintage look in the place. There will not be a necessity to hide the pipes, radiators, and ducts at the ceiling, because their metallic look will create a sense of balance with the pure white ceiling and the industrial looking furniture.

To create an industrial look in your kitchen, it is recommended to use stainless steel counters and appliances, a wooden table with metal chairs, a machined hood, and custom-made metallic cabinets to enhance the functional and aesthetic look of the place. Additionally, you can use industrial metallic surfaces such as a kitchen island and open shelves with the size that will match your kitchen. Similarly, your industrial bathroom will look marvelous with grey colors and steely look if you will create a modern feel or using concrete sink, bathtub, and floor if you need a vintage look.

The matte or polished concrete finished fireplace will certainly bring a unique feel of warmth in your industrial styled home whether you will give the room a modern or vintage look. In all cases, try to avoid the round or oval shapes in your industrial styled home. Instead, you can use square or rectangular shapes.

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