Make Your Old Room Stunning in 10 Steps with Shabby Chic Decor

Do you have an old room? Do you feel that its worn fabrics and the semi-hidden tears here and there look embarrassing? Do not worry. Armed with some creativity and these simple handy tips, you will make your old furniture sought antiques and your old room stunning with shabby chic decor in no time.

1- Main colors used for painting the walls of your shabby chic room are soft pastel colors. Choose wall paint in the colors of white (eggshell, Navajo white and Vanilla), soft pink ( queen and champagne pink) and blue (sky and Tiffany blue).

2- You will need slightly worn linens and covers. Try second hand stores or yard sales. You will find many tablecloths and linens that fit the qualifications.

3- For your floorings, look for carpets with floral pattern. You could also look for white wool rugs. It would be better if you could install hardwood floorings to accentuate the effect.

4- You know the term “mountain of cushions”? yes, you will need them as well. You could get mismatched patterns and colors. However, try not to be extreme with the mismatching choices. Obviously, your top choices should be cushions with embroideries and laces. Floral patterns are preferred as well.

5- For a bedroom, get a wrought iron bed. These are the best at labeling a bedroom shabby chic. However, you could also get wooden beds with carved bedstead.

6- Again, go thrifting for other pieces of furniture like chairs, wardrobes, armoires, tables and a rocking chair. You could also raid your mother’s or grandmother’s attic. White pieces are a must.

8- Mount white shelves on the walls and decorate them with old teddy bears (personally I adore brown ones with bowties) and china dolls (the big dolls with curly blond hair). Save one to decorate your rocking chair.

9- Install a wrought iron or crystal chandelier (black ones give more shabby-chic effect).

10- Hang striped curtains decorated with lace and embroideries. Best colors for the curtains are white and pink.


Pics Via : umbliclychallenged