Make Your Small Living Room Feel Larger

Living rooms are the specifies place where the family members meet up and welcome guests . Most living rooms have the biggest space among the rest of the rooms in the house because living room are considered the extension of the rest of the rooms . however in smaller apartments the architectural plane is to specify a small space for each room and make use of even the smallest spaces which means specifying a small space for the living room . fortunately that with the recent fashion trends in the interior designs we can still make a small living room look larger and spacious .

There is an essential method to make the room look larger than it is , the more light you let in the room the more the room will be perceived as a spacious room , lights should be reflected equally in all corners of the room , smooth yet bright shades of light will make it easy on you make your living room feel larger than it is .

Interior space is defined by the distance between ceiling and floor , and each wall and the opposite wall , in order to make your living room look larger than it is avoid heavy furniture pieces and tend more to have sleek and clean lines furniture peaces . When choosing the storage unites in your living room choose them opened to give a feel that the room have more dimensions , such as the TV unite and book shelves don’t choose the ones that have shutters choose them opened to help show the walls behind which make the room feel bigger .

The curtains have an important role to make your small living room look larger than it actually is , transparent materials for living room curtains allow more sunlight in the room than heavier and thicker drapes which make the room look bigger and feel airy and spacious .

Also organizing all the decorative items in a manner that create space and having a specified space for each item make the room feel tidy and spacious , Do not clutter the living room with too much colorful accessories and rugs keep it simple even for the curtains choose ones that are simple without much colors and patters .

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