Marvelous Additions for Your Ultramodern Home

The ultramodern home additions are supposed to be appealing to any one with their innovative materials, technological designs, and marvelous appearance. However, these additions should be functional, eco-friendly, and breathtaking to blend well with your ultramodern home.

The green bed will be an amazing addition to your ultramodern, as it will provide you LED-reading lights,speakers to let you listen to music, a flower box to let the plants grow at the sides of your bed, and LED lights for the plants.

This eco-friendly bed has self-generated energy, as it uses the movements around you in addition to your movements on the bed to generate power. Instead, you can adda sleeping pod with a sleek and stylish external look and comfortable inner design to provide you deep relaxation. The bed has a door, a top, and a base. The door can be closed to provide you a sound and thermal insulation.

Your ultramodern living room will be an ideal place for the melting point TV stand that looks like the dropping water before hitting the ground. This smooth and seamless look will extremely be the focal point of the room. The striking innermost Asteroid lamp will be a perfect addition to this living room. The lamp is made of glass or durable plastic with geometrical faceted asteroid shape to offer the room a soft glow. This lamp is available in different designs like a floor lamp, a table lamp, and a pendant lamp.

Your ultramodern kitchen and bathroom will need high-tech and space saving additions to increase the efficiency of the place. For example, you can use a family table for six people with a blue glow that can be folded to form a circular shape.The “clear view” bathroom furniture has white and transparent materials to surprise you with their marvelous look.

Pics Via : ckeep