Marvelous Table Lamps for Living Rooms

Your living room’s table lamp is not only a marvelous way to decorate your room but also a multi-functional lighting that could be used to control the mood of the room, give a relaxing environment, or to bring focus on certain area. So, you need to place the table room in the right position to fit its purpose efficiently.

To choose a right place for your lamp table, you will need to make balance among the sizes of the lamp, the table, and the room. If your living room is large, you will need a tall and big lamp to spread shades of its light into the room. Then, try to measure the height of the shade compared to the strength of light to define the exact intensity you need. If your activities in the living room’s table are always changing, you may use the glass table that has three way sockets or a lamp with three bulbs to be able to control the intensity of light. You can use a table lamp with the color that matches the room. The natural colors like green and blue will give spacious look to your room.

Now it’s the perfect time to choose the kind of your lamp. Try to choose the table lamp that will match your living room’s style, design and color beside the desired function that you need. A table lamp in the style of Tiffany and the fine bronze antique alloy Chinese vase will give your room a stylish and charming looking. If you needs some elegancy, you may use the ancient snuff bottle porcelain lamp is painted by white and blue colors with a silver leaf mounting made in a round shape. For a lovely look, you may opt for the fancy cage iron lamp made of wrought iron taking the shape of bird cage. The brass table lamp is made of versatile brass to give you a shiny and smooth light. To give your room a different stately looking, you may opt for the swan urn and tea box brass lamp. After choosing the right kind, you will need just to enjoy your new room.

Pics Via : jerseymore