Marvelous Ways to Reuse Your Old Dresser

If you have an old dresser and need to replace it with a new one, you may think that you will clutter your home. Instead, you can increase the value of your home and garden using this old dresser, as it can serve as an additional storage space, a space saving garden, or a baby closet.

Your cluttered entryway is an ideal space for your old dresser, as it can organize your shoes and magazines providing you a special bench without taking a considerable space.In your traditional or country kitchen, the old dresser with only a new coat of paint will do the miracles. The right coat of paint will create a harmony in your kitchen, and the dresser itself will provide the place a storage space, a workspace, and an island.

If your baby is too young and you need a small and accessible closet beside his bed, the newly painted old dresser will successfully organize his clothes and belongings in an accessible way. You can install additional organizers to the dresser according to your needs.

If your old dresser is low, it can serve as a TV stand with a storage space underneath.Moreover, your old dresser can serve as a bathroom vanity with a vessel sink. You will need just to paint the dresser a water-resistant sealer to keep your dresser safe and clean. You can apply a DIY project to turn your dresser to a comfortableottoman with small legs.

The drawers of your dresser can serve as wall shelves or bookshelves to display or store your items. You can paint such drawers a suitable color to blend with the wall or accentuate the room. These drawers can be a gradual garden to let you plant different kinds of herbs or flowers in just a small space.

Pics Via : beetreehomes