Marvelous Ways to Make Use of the Surrounding Natural Views in Your New House by Adam Wilson

The contemporary home designs are famous with their simplicity and elegance. You can highlight the stylish look of your contemporary home using indoor natural elements and opening enough windows for the natural light and fresh air, but make sure to keep your privacy at the same time.

The natural views surrounding your contemporary home can provide you psychological satisfaction and peace of mind. Even if you have not such a look, you can use a part of your outdoor garden as a green landscape and another part as a clear water pool.

You can inspire the design of such a home from Contemporary Bella Rose designed by Adam Wilson, as he creates stylish welcoming look in the bottom floor and a relaxing feel in the second floor. The open design plan in the bottom floor includes a grey seating area with colorful throw pillows and glossy coffee table, a stylish kitchen with quartz countertops and stainless steel appliances, and hardwood floor.

In the Contemporary Parade Home, Adam Wilson uses glass floor-to-ceiling windows with wood and aluminum clade on the exterior and natural materials such as polished hardwood floor, stained wood cabinets, and super white marble countertops. The bathroom has stranded bamboo floor and a unique isolated shower cabin with its individual walls to provide you the needed privacy. Such a smart mix between the natural elements and manmade designs is finished with a sealed wood deck, a large pool with a water reservoir to recycle the clean water, and a fabulous outdoor fireplace to create a magical warm look in the place.

In the Oak Estates, the designer uses skylights along the ceiling, large doors and windows, white and bronze wall colors, and diamond polished floor to reflect the natural light perfectly. The open space at the foyer includes a seating area, a dining area, and a kitchen. The sleek modern kitchen has quartz countertops and built-in stainless steel appliances and the seating furniture pieces provide the place a pop of color. If you are living near Austin or San Antonio, you can contact Adam Wilson for consultation.