Interior Design 4

Will you go for the Masculine Kitchen Design?

kitchen has always been the specialty of women since we do not remember when. However, that was entirely before that tiny incident where men became the best chefs in the world. Men actually became more and more interested in kitchens and cooking some forty years ago. This led to the question if men really like to cook and feel natural and at ease in kitchens or not. Secure places for men has always been in bars with pool games, in the garage fixing something or in the living room watching football or playing video games.

The idea of men liking to cook ignited a brilliant fashionable innovation led by Porsche designs and Poqqenpohl, the leading German furniture company. The innovation of creating a masculine kitchen with new standards. Since Poqqenpohl is the oldest company ever that had to do with furniture in Germany, then the idea of a masculine kitchen should not cross us without looking deep into it. Poqqenpohl studies the market well and provides all that is new and innovative. Could a kitchen be the new ‘Man Cave’ where he finds serenity and clearness? Why not? Each individual has his own interests and personal touches, isn’t that what fashion is all about?

The main design of the masculine kitchen depends on metal and glass and the doors of the cabinets only require a single touch to open. The kitchen is provided with audio and video system behind glass, and it does not need a ventilation plan. The masculine kitchen was preferred to have stools as they are thought to be more masculine and will also suit the whole atmosphere of the new kitchen. However, those who love wood will not be denied their passion for warmth as masculine designs are also available with wood as the main manufacturing material.