Mediterranean Bedroom Interior Design Styles

Embrace the warm 15th century ambience of Europe by incorporating Mediterranean interior design styles in your bedroom. The Mediterranean region is blessed with mesmerizing nature including beautiful flowers and flowing streams all lit by magnificent sunlight. This atmosphere captured in bedroom interior design fills the place with enchanting aroma, textures and colors. Follow the coming headlines to achieve the best of Mediterranean bedroom interior design styles.

Background : The background of a bedroom includes the architecture, walls and flooring. All of these elements have special styles in Mediterranean interior designs. If you are building the bedroom from scratch, then make sure that the ceiling is high, use large windows for moderate natural light, style the doorway in an arched shape and use a dark wood door.

After these basics, use inspiration of the Mediterranean nature of sandy and warm colors to paint the walls and include stenciled mosaic borders for an amazing appearance. As for the bedroom floor, paving it with brick or terracotta with floral relief would truly reflect Mediterranean interior design style.

Furniture : The focal point of most bedroom interior designs is the bed. In the case of Mediterranean styles, place a large bed with a canopy of bright embroidered linen as the focal point. The use of bronze and wrought-iron is prominent in Mediterranean furnishings such as urns, light fixtures and accessories. Materials such as glass, stone, tiles, knitted fabric and quality wood are all advantageous in this bedroom interior design style.

Using textiles will accentuate the presentation of the Mediterranean style significantly and easily. For instance, use wall tapestries, draperies, comforters, richly textured throw pillows to decorate the bedroom. The most important thing to consider throughout the application of Mediterranean bedroom interior design is whether the elements you are including satisfy your mood for relaxation or not.