Mediterranean Style Living Room Curtains

Your Mediterranean styled living room curtain should be appealing to your guests by its majestic and vivid colors from the first glance. Every piece in this room should help you feel as if you are living in a coastal town with overwhelming natural light and flowing air. That’s why you will need to choose your curtain design and color carefully and place them by the right way.

Your Mediterranean living room curtains are to be found in different designs and colors, but the general rule is that they will breathe and flow softly in the wind. It should work as a transitional element from the ceiling to the floor to create a harmonized look. The simple flowing stripped or patterned linens with red, green, or blue colors will give the room its smooth feeling. The patterns of whales and anchors on the curtain may reflect the Mediterranean life regardless the weather outside. Your beige walls and brown furniture will look pretty with a luxurious thick dark golden curtain.

However, you can use more options for your Mediterranean living room window curtain such as the white or modern colored sheers that resemble the seashells. The layered curtain can be a great option for this style. The exterior patterned or stripped curtain incorporated with interior transparent sheers and the overlapping beaded accents above your curtain will be extremely practical and decorative solution for your Mediterranean living room.

The net curtain is perfect for your country Mediterranean living room because it is made of lace or loose woven patterns to give your room an elegant touch and filter the natural light and the undesired dust coming from the window. You can adjust the curtain to let a refreshing breeze enter the room in the hot summer months. You can incorporate the net curtain with a substantial curtain to get more privacy.

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