Mid-Century Modern Paint – How These 5 Colors Can Change Your Life

Mid-Century Modern paint colors are known to be existed from garish shines of the 1950s till the urban and earthy color schemes of the 1960s. What makes the Mid-Century Modern decorating style such an amazing and gorgeous style is the fact that it is uncluttered, in addition to the appreciation of the simplicity of the boxy modern houses of that era. So let’s get to know these 5 colors.

 Restless Olive SW 6425 – Sherwin-Williams
It is the same as the ideal martini; Sherwin-Williams Restless Olive is a life-changing Mid-Century Modern Color scheme. In case you didn’t know, Restless Olive is an extraordinary green, which you can use as a neutral color and mix it with different colors. If you are not certain about obtaining the olive-green room, Sherwin-Williams Restless Olive is the elegant choice for your lobby or even for an accent wall. It works the best if paired with other Mid-Century Modern colors, such as gold, dark brown and burnt orange.

 Cocoa Shell Ac-05 – Behr
Behr’s Cocoa is a luxurious brown paint color that is capable of holding the most stylish and exclusive Mid-Century Modern décor’s colors in terms of considering the 1960 is your style. If you mix it with olive green and rich gold makes the deep brown be more than just a scenery.

 Dark Walnut 1358 – Benjamin Moore
If you haven’t heard of Benjamin Moore Dark Walnut, it’s a deep softened purple Mid-Century Modern paint color along with a red touch. In order to add a hot color accent, you can use it in a room along with dark frames and lines and leather chairs as well. The deep and concealed wall color works amazingly well on giving a strong structural detail in an alternative normal room. Consider using the black or brown shades for adding drama to the color scheme.

 Yellow Gold 360D-6 Behr
It goes without saying that Behr’s Yellow Gold is almost ideal Mid-Century Modern warm gold paint color. Believe it or not, the yellow gold is way too complicated than the shameful golden kitchen of the 1960s. The Behr’s yellow gold is favorable complement to a practical Mid-Century Modern color scheme in warm toes.

 Blue Seafoam 2056-60 – Benjamin Moore
Do you know that turquoise or aqua colors always tend to complete any Mid-Century Modern paint colors’ list? Benjamin Moore’s Blue Seafoam consists of blue/green paint color, which belongs to the style of the 1950s. However, it is also convenient for today’s lifestyle, thanks to the blue seafoam that has a fun and kitschy appearance, in addition to neutral colors.