Minimalist Bed for Modern Bedroom

The modern furniture is based mainly on elegance, simplicity, and functionality. This is nearly the core meaning of minimalism, which is a simple and a basic design away from ornaments and heavy details. This trend is urgently needed in the small apartments or bedrooms in the dorms. It is also perfect for those who need to be calm and relaxed in their uncluttered bedroom.

The minimalist bed should be comfortable and multi-functional. It should have a comfortable mattress made of latex, memory foam, spring, waterbed, or air chamber. The mattress topper needs to be soft and easy. It could be made of polyester, wool, goose feathers, memory foam, latex, or cotton. The bed should be topped with harmonious-colored sheet, blanket, and pillows.

The wooden platform is recommended, but you can opt for the metal or concrete one according to your taste. You can opt for the Japanese platform, because it is made of sturdy materials with light colors. The bed should be very low. You can cancel the bed and place the mattress directly on the platform, or have a short legs’ bed.

Try to choose the multi-functional items in your minimalist bedroom. The floor may have a radiator; and the bed’s headboard may be made of leather to serve as a backrest and give the room luxurious look, or have storage units. In addition, the platform can serve as the main bed or a large storage space.

To decorate your minimalist bedroom, try to choose the shades of one color and collect all of your accessories in one place to find an easy way to add a focal point piece of furniture or accessories in the room. For example; if you have a luxurious chair, you can paint it a different color to attract the attention in this small room.  Now, you can opt for the dark colored floor or rug with an illuminating light to give an illusion of extra-space in the room.

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