Minimalist Home Décor Ideas Inspired from the Projects of Chuck Mills

Do you intend to create a restful, yet stylish look in your existing home? Actually, you can create a minimalist look with a personal touch to enhance the function of the place providing it a decorative look. Here are a few minimalist designs by Chuck Mills to inspire you with innovative ideas for your home.

The clear surfaces, closed storage spaces, and small furniture pieces will provide your home a minimalist and restful feel. In a Broadmoor home- in Canada, Chuck Mills and his team create a minimalist look using white and black cabinets with sleek doors beginning from the entryway to the kitchen and bathroom. You should just be creative choosing sleek, glassy, reflective, and textures surfaces to create a stylish look in the place.

You can even create a minimalist, yet elegant look in your traditional home just like Emerald Links designed by Chuck Mills and his team. In such a large home, the designers use a combination of relaxing colors such as cream and brown with green and red accents in addition to a few paintings on the wall to provide the place an elegant and artistic look.

The clean surfaces and free floor space in the Granville home create a unique minimalist look in the place. The designers use decorative lighting techniques and glossy surfaces.

In your minimalist home, you should avoid the patterned elements and use plain fabrics to decrease the attention grapping elements in the place. The solid colors, simple artworks, and minimal furniture will complete the look of your minimalist home. For example, Chuck and his team members use just black and white colors in a Glebe home along with several storage spaces and less furniture to create harmony with the outdoor views.