Minimalist Style: Live by Less to Enjoy Life

Minimalism is a life style for many people nowadays due to our material life. By nature, minimalism entails minimal thinking, effort, cost and time. Minimal style will make you reduce time spent in looking for things you do not need and consequently save time and effort spent in cleaning them. You will be free. Imagine you do not have to worry about thieves and you can go anywhere leaving behind nothing expensive. If you are ready to live with less to be satisfied, check these ideas to design your home in a minimalist style.


First and foremost, get basic and needed pieces only. Make sure the pieces are in neutral colors and with no patterns or details. Purchase enough storage closets and drawers to keep clutter, books, CDs and clothes out of sight. This gives the place a serene ambiance. Besides, avoid book shelves because they are difficult to maintain clean all the time. Do not be tempted to have extra items like ottomans and throw pillows. Bare chairs with straight legs and simple coffee tables are favored in a minimalist style.


Make little use of accessories and get only essential items. Sisal rugs are great in minimal style. Eliminate frivolous candle lights and all home clutters. Over the windows, hang simple plain curtains. It is important to clear all surfaces from any clutter. Few simple accessories or a painting can add that personal touch to your home decor.


Minimalist designers prefer incorporating main lighting fixtures. In others, get essential lamps that are basic in style. Most importantly, have no crystal lamps or chandeliers. Thus, you get the peaceful feeling you crave.

In short, minimalist style seeks simplicity and peace of mind by getting rid of what is unnecessary in our lives. You will live a better life when you live by less. By spending time, effort and money; you will be able to enjoy the company of your family anywhere. If you believe so, then minimalist designs are best for you.

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